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“I took a leap of faith, went with my heart and opened a shop in Oxford.”

Tara Miller, owner of Studio Blush

When asked if she always wanted to own her own salon, Tara explained, “I originally wanted to be a paralegal and only started working in a salon to pay for school. But I became hooked.”  After working at salons for over 20 years she set a goal for herself to become an American Board Certified Haircolorist. She achieved that and is now one of only 5,000 in the country.  After reaching that milestone she began to dream about the next step and after a heart to heart with her husband, she set the next goal for herself, opening a small hair art studio.

“I kept working towards my goal. Saving was important, but building my network was crucial.”

“Becoming friends with other business people, not necessarily those in my own industry, but those who were already businesses owners, who were in the thick of owning their own businesses was a huge benefit to me.”

“They say it’s business, its not personal; but creating friendship on a personal level with other likeminded business folks created a support system that was very comforting.”

When choosing a location to open shop, Tara reminisced about being “a little girl going with my grandmother to her salon in North East, MD every week to get her hair set. I wanted to open a salon that had a similar Main Street feel. I like that clients are not only coming to just see me, but they can come to town for a full experience, to go shopping, grab a coffee or a glass of wine after their appointment.”

In addition to Tara, there are two other stylists, Kim Bruhn and Michelle Stull.

“Between the three stylists, we have a combined 78 years of experience. Kim is a master cutter and Michelle brings a multitude of skills, having done hair for New York Fashion Week and many other high profile events.”

“We each have different skills that allow us to bounce ideas off each other and do consultations with our clients together. Being a small salon, our clients get to know each of us very well, so if a client can’t get an appointment with me, they feel comfortable going to Kim or Michelle.

“We want our salon to be a space that makes women feel beautiful on the inside and out.”

“We want our client’s experience here to make them feel good from the minute they walk in the door for the first time until they come back in 6 weeks for their next appointment.”

“Days in the salon when we are able to help someone who had a bad hair experience and we can get it right the first time for them are the most rewarding. Sometimes it can take up to three appointments before you can get someone’s hair just perfect for them. When everything falls in line and you meet and exceed expectations, that’s when you know you and your staff are where they are supposed to be.”

Since opening, in March 2016, Studio Blush has been consistently booked 4-6 weeks in advance. They service about 25 clients a day and have almost 1,000 clients on their books. “Our clients come to us all the way from the Main Line, Hockessin, Wilmington, and into Maryland.” That is a lot in a 350 square foot salon!

“We have clients everyday ask us for more aesthetic services, such as botox fillers and lash extensions. Our next goal is to expand and offer those services at Studio Blush.”

Tara explains that, “being in a creative field, we always try to stay inspired and ahead of trends. In addition to going to shows and classes, we offer in house education. It’s common to walk into the salon and see us practicing on mannequin heads. I still study the work of Vidal Sassoon, his work is beautiful. One of my idols is his colorist, Annie Humphrey, who is still doing hair today.”

“You can have a very long career and it doesn’t get old, everyday is different.”

Outside of Studio Blush Tara enjoys, “traveling as much as I can with my husband Shane and daughter Sierra. In the summer we enjoy going out on our boat, Little Miss Magic, which is named after the Jimmy Buffett song.” Having different experiences and seeing new things keeps me inspired and creative.”

We’re inspired by Tara’s passion and the beauty she creates everyday in Downtown Oxford.

Studio Blush
37 S 3rd St Suite 1
(610) 467-0772

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