Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Can you believe Oxford Mainstreet has been serving the Oxford community for almost twenty years? Oxford has seen many changes and improvements in that time! The streetscape and façade programs have provided aesthetic updates, while our events and services have invited thousands of visitors who have come to Embrace our Charm.

More changes are in our near future because of the hard work and determination of the OMI staff, Board and volunteers. A new Transit Facility is to begin construction in 2018 which is a significant piece to our economic and community development strategy.

In addition to the twenty-seven businesses that have been in the BID for over ten-years, twenty-seven new and strong businesses have opened in the past five years, creating over 190 new jobs. This vibrancy has current and prospective investors in our town very excited.

Our future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades!

– Ed Herr, Chairman Oxford Mainstreet, Inc.

Board of Directors

Term Ending 2018-2019

Term Ending 2020-2021

Term Ending 2019-2020

  • Scott Gold
  • David Trainor 
  • Nancy Ware Sapp
  • Carolyn Blackburn
  • Scott Brown 
  • Ira Binder – Secretary
  • Ron Hershey – Vice President
  • Dr. Brenda Allen
  • Kathy Book
  • Anthony Castelluccio – Treasurer
  • Jeff Lobb
  • Shelley Meadowcroft
  • John McGlothlin
  • John Thompson
  • Ed Herr – Chairman
  • Brian Hoover
  • Alisa Jones
  • Wilson King
  • Jim Price – President
  • Julie Wehner
  • David Woods

Director Emeritus

  • Spencer Andress

 In Grateful Memory

  • Carl Fretz d.2015
  • John H. Ware, IV d.2015


Organization/Executive Committee

Fundraising Committee

Economic Development Committee

  • Ed Herr, Chair
  • Ira Binder
  • Anthony Castelluccio
  • Ron Hershey
  • Jim Price
  • Nancy Ware Sapp
  • Nancy Ware Sapp, Chair
  • Anthony Castelluccio
  • Chelsea Hughes
  • Tammy McIvor
  • Jim Price
  • Rebekah Stratton
  • David Trainer
  • David Woods
  • Spencer Andress
  • Ira Binder
  • Larry Drennen
  • Ron Hershey
  • Katie Kolb
  • John McGlothlin
  • Jim Price
  • Tom Schreier
  • David Trainor

Promotions Committee

  • Nicki Allen, Co-Chair
  • Laslie Sleesman, Co-Chair
  • Carolyn Blackburn
  • Doreen Broadus
  • Scott Brown
  • Jennifer Campion
  • Ben Dieterly
  • Julie Wehner
  • Becky Martin
  • Danielle Mascali
  • Cliff Masscotte
  • David Ogino
  • James Taylor
  • Jodi Taylor
  • Brandon Voshell

Design Committee

  • Susan Melrath, Chair
  • Ed Rahme, Secretary
  • Townie Moore
  • Melissa Pacella
  • Vicky Vinton

Design Committee Advisers

  • Vernon Ringler
  • Jahan Sheikholeslami
  • Scott Moran     


By-Laws of Oxford Mainstreet, Inc.